Stories to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day

STORY: May 14th is World Migratory Bird Day

Source: United Nations

Here are three of our favorite bird stories

A woman with a degenerative eye condition had only one wish

before losing her sight completely

[Nathalie Maniglier, Ugine resident]

"Incredible, there is a feeling of freedom. It was just magical. To see them flying in formation was really great. There's lots of emotion."

(Journalist off-screen:) "Why did you decide to do this flight?"

"Because I have a congenital illness. I can only see in one eye. Making the most of it while I still can see, so there's lots of emotion."

For twenty years, this man has cared for brown pelicans

that spend the winter months at his doorstep

[Leonardo Carrillo, Pelican caretaker]

"They come from Florida every year, they come at the end of December, and they are here with me for six months. For six months, I feed them, take care of them, deworm them with what I have because I don't have any medication."

Nicknames include 'Michel the Noble' and 'Panchito the Affectionate'

Nearly 500 bird-shaped kites dotted the skies of Jordan's Aqaba

[Manal Huweiti, Aqaba resident]

"(My children) asked me, what is this? I explained to them that this is a festival to celebrate birds that migrate during winter to warmer areas. They come here, they travel in groups. I told them that we must take care of (the birds), and should not harm them, (but) provide a good environment, and not to bother them. They understood that we must look after birds."

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