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I tried this Oprah-approved collapsible bowl — and now I won't leave home without it

The stylish silicone container — backed by 8,000+ five-star reviews — saves precious cabinet space.

Ever since the pandemic hit and I started spending more time at home, I, like many, have been forced to face my kitchen (ahem, my cluttered cabinets). I’ve also embraced food prepping now that I work from home often (meaning I rely on storage containers more and more, with limited room to keep them). Suffice to say that when I heard — and saw, thanks to some persistent Instagram ads — there was a compact, stackable storage container with Oprah’s personal seal of approval making the rounds, I knew I had to give it a whirl. Read on for everything you need to know about the Stojo Collapsible Bowl (complete with my personal review).

Stojo’s collapsible containers stack up against the competition while saving cabinet space.

$25 at Amazon

The hype

As suggested by the name, a big selling point of Stojo products is that they’re collapsible and stackable, making them easy to tow (just rinse and condense after lunch, or expand when you need to stash leftovers) and stow (the Collapsible Bowl squishes down to just 1.3 inches), which is especially great for anyone with limited cabinet space.

Also appealing to me was that the bowl appeared to be healthy (made with food-grade silicone that is certified by the LFGB [a European-based body known to have stricter guidelines than the FDA] and without any glues, BPAs, BPSs, lead or phthalates) and sustainable (there’s a recyclable lid, clasps and ring to help combat disposable culture).

And in addition to being Oprah-approved (with “The O List” referring to it as “your new meal prep bestie”), the brand’s bestselling Stojo Collapsible Bowl is backed by over 8,000 customer reviews:

“Fun and functional!” wrote one reviewer on the brand’s website. “... They look and stack so much neater than conventional storage containers.”

“Perfect for on-the-go!” confirmed another five-star fan. “I can’t tell you how often my collapsible bowls have already come in handy! From reducing my waste when bringing home leftovers, to having my local coffee shop pack my bagels up for a low-waste breakfast!”

Stack of Stojo Collapsible Bowls
Scoop up the Stojo Collapsible Bowl in one of nine different hues — from soft pastels to bold grays and blues. (Photo: Amazon)

The test

I decided to time my test around a recent move. Not only did I land in another Brooklyn apartment (read: small space), but my new kitchen is more of an open concept, meaning, despite being beautiful and airy, it doesn't offer a lot of storage space.

I focused my test on the Stojo Collapsible Bowl, since it was among the brand’s more popular and was the container spotlighted on Oprah’s wish list, opting for a striking Steel Blue shade. I knew I’d be prepping for different meal sizes and occasions, so I also test-drove the brand’s top-rated Collapsible Box and Collapsible Cups (beloved by over 4,000 Amazon customers, BTW) for good measure.

Upon receiving my order, I cleaned my Stojo containers and began prepping a mix of hot and cold meals, placing sandwiches and sides (including some grapes for freezing) in the boxes and salads and rice/proteins in the bowls.

The next day, I filled some bowls with tortilla chips and pasta salad, plus boxes with guacamole and some fresh veggies, and packed a few collapsible cups to support an impromptu trip to the beach for two.

Stojo Collapsible Bowls
Life’s a picnic with Stojo’s collapsible containers and cups. Just fold them up when you’re ready to go home. (Photo: Amazon)

The scoop

After test-driving Stojo’s bowls, boxes and cups, I can confirm the brand’s containers are not only easily collapsible and stackable, but portable. They were lightweight and easy to carry, and the four-clasp lids properly safeguarded against spills.

Given their flexibility, the containers are incredibly durable (they hold their own for everyday stacking and carrying; just be mindful of putting anything super heavy on top) and practical (the silicone doesn't cave, melt or crack when exposed to the microwave, dishwasher and freezer). And the containers are easy to wipe down or hand-clean.

Though a tad on the pricier side, Stojo’s containers are likely to pay off over time (food prepping will save you money from takeout, and preserving leftovers from a good restaurant could make up the cost in one go). That's not to mention how much preparing a few food containers can save you at the airport — and be sure to stash a few cups in your carry-on for those water stations!

Reusing the silicone bowls will also help minimize food waste, and the mass of disposable containers going into landfills. And the containers happen to look incredibly chic stacked atop kitchen shelves and countertops, preserving cabinet space for bulkier items and making them easy to pick up (and put away) for everyday use.

While I prioritized Stojo's collapsible collection for meal prepping and a beach trip, I think the containers would also be a great companion for travel, work and school lunches (especially given their softer exterior), pop-up picnics, camping trips, hiking trails and well beyond.

Consider popping a few Stojos in your handbag, cooler or car trunk to stay prepared.

$25 at Amazon

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