Stevie Nicks says ‘payback’ is coming for Trump

Ellie Harrison
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Donald Trump and Stevie Nicks (Rex)
Donald Trump and Stevie Nicks (Rex)

Stevie Nicks has warned that “payback” is coming for Donald Trump after the president’s coronavirus diagnosis.

Trump tested positive for Covid-19 earlier this month, and was treated with dexamethasone, a corticosteroid that has been used during the pandemic to help treat a limited number of coronavirus patients.

Speaking in a new interview with Billboard, Fleetwood Mac star Nicks said: “This is just funny, so we can laugh about it – President Trump got it. And I’m very sad for that, because I don’t want anybody to get this, but he did. And the thing is, he went into the best hospital in the world and had this set of drugs that none of us will ever get.”

She continued: “He got a full round of four or five days of steroids; I had really bad pneumonia last year and I hate steroids, because they have really bad side effects, like gaining weight, and they make you very nervous.

“And so he comes out and he’s like, ‘I have a glow,’ and I’m going, ‘Yeah… you have a steroid glow.’”

Nicks said she gained weight when she took steroids, and predicted Trump would do the same. “What I am laughing about is, just wait until President Trump starts to gain weight — because he will, because everybody does,” she said.

“Payback’s a b****, so there you go.”

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