Rock and royals: Steve Winwood’s surprising family connection to Queen Camilla

Steve Winwood was one of several esteemed performers to take part in the Coronation Concert for King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

The rock musician thrilled the crowds with his rendition of his 1986 hit, “Higher Love”, backed by the virtual Commonwealth Choir and a full orchestra.

Yet as much as he was a guest at Sunday’s (7 May) event, Winwood was more connected to the monarchy than most who took the stage.

Winwood, 74, is related to the royals through the marriage of his daughter, Mary-Clare Elliot.

Mary-Clare is married to Ben Elliot, a fundraiser for and former co-chairman of the Conservative Party.

As well as this, Ben is the nephew of Queen Camilla, as she and his mother Annabel Shand are sisters. In a show of support for their nephew, Charles and Camilla attended their Gloucestershire nuptials in 2011.

On Saturday (6 May), Mary-Clare and Ben’s son, four-year-old Arthur, was a page of honour at the coronation.

Arthur Elliot, Mary-Clare and Ben Elliot’s son, pictured in black on the far-right (Getty Images)
Arthur Elliot, Mary-Clare and Ben Elliot’s son, pictured in black on the far-right (Getty Images)

As well as having this connection to the royals through his daughter and grandson, Winwood surely now has his own through his involvement in the concert.

During his performance of “Higher Love”, cameras showed the king and queen enjoying the show.

Though a successful solo artist in his own right, Winwood also contributed to the success of bands including Traffic and Blind Faith. The Coronation Concert marked only the second time he had performed on stage in four years.

Other stars who performed at Windsor Castle on Sunday included Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Take That.

There was also a special appearance from The Muppets stars Miss Piggy and Kermit, much to the delight of Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

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