Steve Kornacki, Election Night King, Needs Some New Ties

Avidan Grossman
·2-min read
Photo credit: Elaine Chung - Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Elaine Chung - Hearst Owned

From Esquire

Along with the entire state of Pennsylvania, Steve Kornacki was an undisputed breakout star of this wild election cycle. The national political correspondent for NBC News and MSNBC endeared himself to the nation with his boundless energy and seemingly boundless enthusiasm for—or at least tolerance of—the intricacies of this country's electoral process. His competence in the face of so much chaos acted as a soothing balm for America's aching psyche, turning Kornacki into a bit of an overnight sensation in the process. (Who knew half-rimless glasses and a non-iron dress shirt could be so hunky?!)

Kornacki's smooth number-crunching—crunch me, daddy—and penchant for data analysis offer a kind of brainy antithesis to the beefcake appeal of the himbo. Wearing the type of staid repp tie you might spot by the checkout kiosk in an empty Brooks Brothers outlet, Kornacki radiates a certain comforting stability. He looks like the sort of indefatigably cheery dude who always pulls his weight in group projects, ready and willing to put the rest of the team on his back to make sure the job gets done.

Earlier today, Steve tweeted out a picture of his go-to tie option, a thrashed navy number with green and white stripes held together by a few strategically-placed staples and (one has to imagine) a whole lot of blind faith in the future of this country. And while we're inclined to salute all tie-wearing kings, especially in this decidedly tieless day and age, we do have a small suggestion for our beloved (if a little bedraggled) correspondent. Buy some new ties, bud! Literally any new ties. Seriously. Look at this situation.

Kornacki's coming off a pretty epic election-induced bender, so he's entitled to some slack. But if there's two things I'm sure of right now, it's that somewhere, somehow, our tireless champion Steve Kornacki is still crunching the numbers, and if you're going to voluntarily put on a tie in 2020 (kudos, sir!) you might as well do it right.

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