Stephy Tang denies helping Theresa Fu with career in HK

10 Sep – Hong Kong actress Stephy Tang recently dismissed rumours that she is helping former Cookies member Theresa Fu to revive her career in Hong Kong.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress sparked said rumours when netizens noticed that they have started following each other on Instagram recently - years following rumours of conflict between them.

When asked about it, Stephy said that the two of them became reacquainted after seeing each other again at Sammi Cheng's recent concert, and that they have been privately sending messages to each other ever since.

Asked if there is a chance for Cookies to reunite, she said, "That would be a little complicated. Two members are already married and have children now."

However, the actress stated that there is nothing impossible in this world and that such a reunion could be done at the right time.

Theresa and Stephy were part of the four-member group Cookies from 2002 to 2006 alongside Miki Yeung and Kary Ng. However, the group went their separate ways following the expiration of their contract.

It was also rumoured that Theresa was not on good terms with Stephy in the past due to the record label's supposed tendency to promote the latter more heavily than the others.

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily)