Stephen Colbert invokes Benoit Blanc’s southern drawl for Kevin McCarthy ‘A** Onion’ mockery

Stephen Colbert put on his best Benoit Blanc to poke fun at Republican politician Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy has just made history by losing his fourth, fifth, and sixth consecutive votes for Speaker of the House.

“It has been a day of uncut Peruvian blue-flake schadenfreude watching the GOP stab each other in the throat,” Colbert – an outspoken liberal Democrat – began in his 3 January monologue on CBS’s The Late Show.

“And tonight I’ll peel back the many layers of the stupidity in a drama we’re calling ‘Ass Onion: A Kev’s Out Mystery,’” he continued, referencing Rian Johnson’s Knives Out sequel, Glass Onion, which hit Netflix just before Christmas.

The host mimicked Daniel Craig’s signature southern drawl, which the actor affects for his role as the lead detective.

Despite his endorsement from former president Donald Trump, McCarthy became the first candidate to fall short on a first ballot in 100 years. “Kevin McCarthy has one major weakness: his weakness,” Colbert explained.

“There’s more important things in life than winning and losing,” the host continued. “There’s making fun of Kevin McCarthy for losing.”

As of now, the US House of Representatives has adjourned until 8pm ET where a seventh round of voting will take place.

Follow the proceedings live here.