Stephen Colbert Finds Fly Way To Mock RFK Jr. Campaign Woes

Stephen Colbert flew a few jokes past Robert F. Kennedy Jr. after the independent presidential candidate failed to meet the requirements to qualify for next week’s CNN debate featuring President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

The “Late Show” host noted that the conspiracy theorist didn’t make the televised event, in part, due to low poll numbers amid a “cash crunch” for his campaign.

“But he’s not giving up, this week he went on Twitter to introduce some of the new members of his team,” said Colbert, who tossed to a video of Kennedy speaking in front of two ravens on a railing.

“Hey everybody, these are my two ravens, they’re not actually mine, I’m just taming them,” Kennedy said. “By feeding them every day, I’ve gotten them to come in and join me for meditations every morning on my balcony.”

Colbert was quick to quip that Kennedy’s campaign isn’t “doomed.”

“He’s just being followed around by a flock of black birds,” the host said.

Check out more of Colbert’s Thursday night “Late Show” monologue below.