Step inside this WW2 bunker guesthouse

52-YEAR-OLD BUNKER OWNER, SERGE COLLIOU, COMING DOWN STAIRS AND SAYING (French): "Hello, welcome to the L479 bunker. Follow me for a visit."

This World War Two bunker was turned into a guesthouse

Location: Saint-Pabu, France

GLASS DOOR WITH NAZI EAGLE / COLLIOU ENTERING LOUNGE AND SAYING (French): "Here, you are in the lounge, where you can have a good time."

COLLIOU WALKING UP TO TABLE AND SAYING (French): "Here, we are in the dining room. There is a table where you can have 15 guests."

The bunker was built by German troops after invading France in 1940

Serge Colliou bought up a plot of land in the area

and spent 18 months renovating the 4,300 square foot bunker

turning it into a fully-functioning rental

COLLIOU ENTERING BAR AND SAYING (French): "You are in the bar, the bunker's most important room. Just look at this!"

COLLIOU OPENING BAR CUPBOARD AND SAYING (French): "Here, as you can see, there is my personal reserve because guests aren't the only ones who party here."

A night at the L479 bunker costs $375 for 6 people

A second floor can be opened to welcome up to 20 guests

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