Step inside Moscow’s “Catbureau”

Step inside Moscow’s “Catbureau”

a cafe which combines a cat shelter and a co-working space

Location: Moscow, Russia

For $7 per hour visitors get a place to work

with WiFi, tea and coffee

and unlimited access to all the cats

(Russian) HEAD OF CITY FUND FOR ANIMAL PROTECTION, YEKATERINA DMITRIYEVA, SAYING:"We decided to make a social project, a kind of social enterprise. Co-working space seemed to be a very interesting idea because we have no such place (in Moscow) where you can work with cats nearby. Lots of people work as freelancers now. And (the coronavirus) restrictions helped us as lots of offices are closing and not all of them are opening again. Lots of people seek a place to work. And I think, it's nice that it's not a pure office space, but the one with cats playing around."