Step inside the CryptoCuban Social Club

Step inside the CryptoCuban Social Club

Location: Havana, Cuba

where artists are creating crypto art for online collectors

Their plan is to sell 1,492 digital portraits of Cubans through NFTs

Courtesy: Gabriel Guerra Bianchini


"Crypto art has come to bring something very important for many artists, and specially for artists from countries like ours. Considering that the art market was frozen, that digital art until recently was not considered a collectable or worthy of galleries or auction houses such as Christie's or Sotheby's, it has brought with it many factors at the same time. When I discovered crypto art I realized this can bring to Cuba and Cuban artists, not only the freedom to create, but the freedom to connect with collectors all over the world. A freedom and also creating their presence on the internet."

Buyers can pay with cryptocurrency ether

Cuba said in August it would authorize the use of cryptocurrency

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