Step into Dickens' house with a virtual 'Christmas Carol'

Audiences can virtually enter Charles Dickens' home

This unique performance of 'A Christmas Carol'

takes people from room to room

Location: Charles Dickens Museum, London

ACTOR DOMINIC GERRARD: "It's a one man show, but it's not at the same time because there is a life size puppet of Scrooge which I operate, and as the story evolves, Scrooge himself jumps into different rooms inside inside the house."

Dickens lived here for almost 60 years

"So it felt brilliant and so authentic to be in Charles Dickens' actual house and be telling the story. For example, the ghost of Jacob Marley when he comes crashing into the bedroom, it's actually Charles Dickens' bedroom that he crashes into. And that's quite fun."

DIRECTOR OF THE CHARLES DICKENS MUSEUM, CINDY SUGHRUE: "Christmas is the busiest time of year here at the Charles Dickens Museum, and the prospect of losing our entire festive events programme was pretty daunting. So in deciding to move all of our events online, it gives us scope to not only continue to connect with people in that very personal way in which the "Christmas Carol" touches them. But it also allows us to reach an audience much further afield than normally we would be able to here in central London. I would like to think that the museum embodies the spirit of Dickens. Charles Dickens was not only an incredible writer, but he was a social reformer and campaigner. He was a journalist. He was an activist. So if Dickens was here today, he would just get on with it. Every knock, you just pick yourself up and get on and try to make the world a little bit brighter along the way."