Steer Hoofs It Through Chicago Suburb After Senior Prank Goes Awry

A steer brought to a suburban Chicago high school as part of a senior prank escaped and hoofed it through an Illinois neighborhood on April 27.

Roger Plummer, who recorded this video, told Storyful he spotted the brown bovine galloping by as he was about to exit his van after arriving home from work just before 6 am.

“I looked and said aloud, ‘Is that a cow running down the street?’” Plummer said. He added that a few seconds later, “A group of young men were running and driving down the street in pursuit of the cow.”

He said he recorded the steer the third time it ran past him. According to a Village of Niles Facebook post, the cow was eventually “secured.”

In a statement, the Niles Police Department said they were notified of “suspicious objects in the area” in the early hours of April 27, and contacted “several juveniles” who they determined to be students at Northridge Preparatory School, a Catholic boys’ school. The students “were apparently involved in what was described as a ‘senior prank’ by bringing live animals to the school,” the statement said.

An investigation revealed that a cow, a pig, and chickens were involved in the prank, of which the cow and pig were “purchased via Craigslist by the students involved.” The chickens belonged to a student, police said. The cow will be transferred to Hooved Animals Humane Society in Woodstock, Illinois.

Police said the school administration refused to pursue any criminal charges and will be “managing the cleanup and removal of any animals within the school itself.”

Storyful reached out to Northridge Prep for comment, but did not receive a response at the time of publishing. Credit: Roger Plummer via Storyful

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