SteelSeries Launches Sleek White and Silver Version of its Popular Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Headphones

SteelSeries has launched a new white and silver colorway of its flagship Arctis Nova Pro Wireless gaming headphones. Originally available in black, the headphones have been wildly popular since launching in 2022 and have earned multiple awards for the Danish gaming brand – so much so it claims the Arctis series is "the most awarded audio line in gaming."

The Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is a pro-level set of gaming headphones with premium specs and the price to match. It features industry-leading active noise cancellation owing to its four onboard microphones, located on both the inside and outside of the earcups, that lets users become fully immersed themselves in their games. One of these mics is a ClearCast Gen2, a bidirectional microphone that's also used by various Formula 1 crews, noted for it's being crystal clear and providing natural sounding voice replication. Transparency mode – where users can hear the world around them – is available at the press of a button and can also be adjusted to allow more or less sound to pass through.

For players who game across different consoles, the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless comes with a Multi-System Connect hub that lets users connect to multiple devices, with just a single button press needed to change between them. Along with the included hub, users also have the option of connecting via Bluetooth and, best of all, the headphones can be simultaneously connected to both a 2.4GHz and a Bluetooth connection; practically speaking, this means you can be connected to your games console over the stable, latency-free 2.4GHz wireless signal, whilst being connected to your phone for phone calls and the like over Bluetooth.

One of SteelSeries' biggest selling points on these headphones is what it calls the Infinity Power System – this is, essentially, a multi-battery system and the brand's solution to a problem that plagues us all at some point: dead battery. The Arctis Nova Pro Wireless comes with two interchangeable batteries and means those wanting to engage in marathon sessions can do so without worry. It's quite a unique selling point when compared to other headphones on the market, most of which feature built-in batteries that can't be removed or swapped.

Appealing to broad range of gamers, the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless headphones offer four different points of adjustment on head, ensuring a comfortable fit for most head shapes and sizes. The brands calls this its ComfortMAX System and it features rotating ear cups, a height-adjustable frame, hangers that pivot and a PVD-coated steel band that's strong enough to withstand regular use over time.

The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless headphones in white are available now via the brand's website priced £329 GBP / $349 USD / €379 EUR.