Stay in Sweden! Malaysian actress Sharifah Sakinah told on social media after complaining of fortnightly commute

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 9 ― Social media users have asked actress Sharifah Sakinah to stay in Sweden after she complained of being tired from commuting between the European country and Malaysia.

They encouraged the 33-year-old to stay there for good since she had taken up the way of life there.

Some went one step ahead and said she would not be missed even if she stayed on in Sweden where her husband Micheal Hansen hails from.

Sakinah, or her real name Sharifah Nurul Sakinah Syed Abu Bakar Al-Khairedi however told Harian Metro that she does not plan to migrate to Sweden yet.

“Yes I am calmer there but I do not plan to stay on permanently in Sweden. My life is calmer although I need to commute,” she told the portal, adding that she now travels every two weeks.

“Initially it was once every four months, then three months, then two months, one month and now it's every two weeks. This is because my daughter is asking when I am coming back,” she said of her five-year-old child that she shares with her ex-husband Aliff Adha Jamil.

Besides being tired, the Rise: Ini Kalilah actress said she is also affected by jet lag from travelling.

Sakinah, however, is using her time here meeting friends and family.

“If people invite me for events, birthday do, I will attend. In other words, I am not working.”

“Prior to this, whenever I return to Malaysia I am involved in productions. At that time, I had no time for my child and friends. That is why people are not aware I am back.”

Sakinah also said she does not plan to bring her daughter to Sweden as it would be unfair for her ex-husband.

“I can't bring her along as that is my ex-husband's only child and also his family's only grandchild. If I were to do that, I would be considered rude.”