How Stay-at-Home Orders Supercharged Streaming’s TV Takeover

Tim Baysinger
·1-min read

When Disney+ launched in 2019, even the most optimistic person in the Magic Kingdom would have not have predicted its subscriber count would be in the triple digits before its 18-month birthday. But with the pandemic keeping everyone at home, streaming turbocharged its takeover of the entertainment business. Streaming’s swallowing of the pay-TV bundle is irreversible and will continue to change a business model that has endured for decades. “The pivot to streaming and increasing investments by traditional media companies to put their best content on their own services is one clear lasting impact,” MoffettNathanson analyst Michael Nathanson told TheWrap. “This will likely accelerate cord-cutting, create more fragmentation, create new gate-keepers, destroy the entertainment cable network model and hurt theatrical attendance forever.” Also Read: Disney+ Hits 100 Million Subscribers, Years Ahead of Schedule Amid stay-at-home orders that dovetailed with declining TV production and the debut of streaming services like Peacock and HBO Max (the less said about Quibi the better), the pay-TV business suffered massive losses. All told, there were 6 million fewer households by the end of 2020 that were subscribed to some sort of cable or satellite package, representing a 7.3% loss in terms of total subscribers. Penetration,...

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