States halt reopening, impose new pandemic orders

NORTH CAROLINA GOVERNOR ROY COOPER: "This is not where we planned to be or wanted to be."

State leaders are imposing new restrictions and delaying reopening phases this week, as coronavirus cases in several U.S. states continue to surge.

GREG ABBOTT: "When you do go out, you should wear a face covering or a face mask."

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced on Thursday that the state will pause any further phases to reopen and suspend elective surgeries in the state's biggest cities, as the number of hospitalizations statewide hit record highs.

GAVIN NEWSOM: "We have to sober up to this reality. We're still in the first wave."

In California, Governor Gavin Newsom said the number of hospitalizations increased by nearly a third in the past two weeks.

And Disney said it would delay indefinitely the reopening of its theme parks and resorts in the state.

STEVE SISOLAK: "No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service."

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak said his state will start requiring everyone to wear a mask, including at casinos. Earlier in the week, Nevada hit a record high in new cases.

Meanwhile, the governors of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut - states that have the virus under control - ordered travelers from states where cases are spiking to quarantine on arrival.

NEW YORK GOVERNOR ANDREW CUOMO: "You violate the quarantine, you will then have to do mandatory quarantine and you'll be fined."

That order includes travelers from Florida, which saw its highest one-day total of new cases this week.

A mask requirement went into effect in Palm Beach County Thursday, but not before a community meeting about the mandate devolved into chaos when some residents cited conspiracy theories as their reason for not wearing masks.

UNKNOWN: "What happened to Bill Gates, why is he not in jail? The deep state is going down, and if any of you are in the deep state, you're going down with it."

Arizona also saw new infections hit record highs this week.

COUNCILMAN GUY PHILLIPS: "It's out right as Americans."

In Scottsdale, a city councilman led an anti-mask wearing rally, co-opting the final words of George Floyd and Eric Garner to make his point.

PHILLIPS: "I can't breathe. I can't breathe."

He later apologized for his remarks.