Starving monkeys take over abandoned town hall in Thai city due to drought

Starving monkeys took over an abandoned town hall looking for food during a drought.

The building was left abandoned after the provincial government moved to a new building 300ft away in Prachuab Khiri Khan, central Thailand.

However, there were some state agencies remaining at the building after that but they had to move away because of the monkeys.

Footage from Wednesday (March 18) shows the deserted building invaded by hungry monkeys from the jungle behind.

The monkeys are believed to have gone looking for food as the area is suffering from a drought that caused a food shortage. There has not been significant rain fall for several months in large parts of Thailand.

Several areas and the building under construction were damaged by the monkeys.

One of the locals who came to the town hall said: "Every vehicles that parked in the outdoor parking lot were all damaged by the monkeys, they always scratch and pull the side mirrors."

The authority has not yet taken any action to get rid of the monkeys, instead leaving them inside their new home.