Starfield's Irish accents are raising some eyebrows


Starfield players raising their eyebrows at the game's questionable Irish accents.

From its incredible physics engine that can realistically simulate 10,000 milk cartons cascading down a building to its scientifically accurate zero-gravity gunfighting, Starfield has a commendable commitment to realism. But that's not the case with every aspect of Bethesda's new space-based RPG, as you'll notice if you stop to chew the fat with any of its supposedly Irish NPCs.

Many Starfield players have been weighing in with their thoughts on the subject, including Wesley Yin-Poole, who tweeted, "The Irish accents in Starfield are… yeah. I'm crying lol." Accompanying this is a short clip of a conversation with Dr. Flynn, and if you've not heard her speak yet, it's quite an experience.

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"Honestly couldn't tell that it was meant to be an Irish accent," one user replied in the comments. Another tweeted, "Playing Starfield and my only big complaint is they've doubled down on that one woman in Fallout 4 with a *horrific* fake Irish accent by having *multiple* characters have horrific fake Irish accents!"

Over on the Starfield subreddit, fans are also unconvinced by the attempts to make characters sound like they're from the Emerald Isle. "Irish accents in this game are the worst I've ever heard," said one user, while in a separate post, another simply wrote, "Why, Bethesda, Why?!"

Despite the dodgy accents, Starfield is officially Bethesda's biggest game launch of all time, having managed to surpass six million players on launch day.

Elsewhere, our own Joe Donnelly's first experience of an open world space game was on the Atari ST 31 years ago - Starfield is the game he's dreamt of ever since.