Starfield's ending "might be a little controversial," says Todd Howard


Starfield has an ending that "might be a little controversial," according to its director Todd Howard.

In an interview with NPR, the Bethesda executive talks about the ambitious RPG, revealing that there's a chance not everyone will be a fan of the game's ending. "I do think the ending of the game might be a little controversial," Howard says in the interview, "we ask a lot of questions. We don't provide a lot of answers. Because I think we want a lot of those answers to be in you."

Of course, Howard didn't reveal what the ending of Starfield entails but it's clear that it's likely to leave fans with a lot of questions once the credits roll. This isn't the first time, Howard has been candid about fans' expectations with the space RPG.

Last month, the Bethesda boss also said that he's not sure everyone will like Starfield's approach to exploration because it's so different from Bethesda's games. Regardless of this, it seems players are getting a lot out of Starfield's hidden doors which, true to Bethesda, are easy to miss but worth looking out for.

Now we're officially in a post-Starfield world, Howard, as well as other Bethesda developers, have been sharing insights into the game's development. Most recently, Howard revealed that Starfield's barren planets are boring on purpose, as Bethesda's managing director Ashley Cheng explains, not every single planet is "supposed to be Disney World."

Howard has also defended Starfield's Xbox Series X/S exclusivity, revealing: "When you're making something exclusive then the more you can focus," before using The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as an example of associating certain games with specific platforms.

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