Starfield shipbuilders hit peak levels of engineering with Thomas the Tank Engine build

 Starfield Thomas the Tank Engine build
Starfield Thomas the Tank Engine build

Starfield's shipbuilders have gotten out of hand as one player painstakingly replicated Thomas the Tank Engine without using mods.

As spotted in the Starfield subreddit, user MrCaine332 has gone to the effort of bringing their favorite locomotive into Bethesda's space RPG. What makes this creation particularly special is that it appears it was pulled off without the use of any mods - meaning the player in question had to put Thomas together piece by piece and make him ready for space, instead of rolling along a track like he's used to.

I've got to admit, it's a pretty accurate recreation - even if there is no face ship part in Starfield. As you can see from the post below, this player utilized various items from the ship technician's stock and matched the colors to Thomas' color palette. They've even gone as far as including the train's wheels, despite the fact it'll only ever be soaring through space.

The build has also gone down well with fellow Starfield players who have reacted to Thomas in the most appropriate way possible. "This build is off the rails!" one fan said in the comments of the post, "OP had quite the loco motive in mind when coming up with the idea for this build," another replied. All train jokes aside, this player's ship is traveling full steam ahead to become one of the best Starfield ship builds out there (sorry).

This isn't the first time we've seen creative ship ideas from Starfield players. In fact, just last week we discovered an adoring fan of Bethesda's who is building the best Star Wars and Halo ships in Starfield, starting with the Millennium Falcon. Now that Starfield is officially out for everyone, we can't wait to see even more clever and, let's be honest, sometimes ridiculous, ship designs fans have up their sleeves.

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