Starfield ship master builds a Star Wars Imperial Destroyer so epic that it lags the game and needs a 21-page how-to guide

 The Imperial Star Destroyer recreated in Starfield.
The Imperial Star Destroyer recreated in Starfield.

Star Wars fans were always inevitably going to recreate their favourite spaceships in Starfield, but one player has taken things a step further and built an entire Star Destroyer in-game that’s so big, you’ll need a 21-page guide to make it yourself.

Originally posted on the Starfield subreddit, master shipbuilder Jackygold shared exactly how to build the Imperial Star Destroyer in Bethesda’s space epic. It should be noted, however, that the ship can only be recreated on PC since several mods are required to construct a vessel this enormous. In fact, the ship’s considerable size made the creator’s PC severely lag. They recommend that “if you are already struggling to run Starfield, do not do this build as you may make your game unplayable.” More like the Imperial Starfield Destroyer, am I right? (Sorry.)

What’s arguably more impressive is the in-depth 21-page guide that Jackygold put together, detailing exactly how to make the mammoth ship yourself. The three main mods that you’ll need to install are Ship Builder Unrestricted (which happily removes ship size limitations), Shipyards Unlocked (which adds every ship part to the shipbuilding vendor), and Ship Builder Tweaks (which allows for parts to be placed closer together). You can find links to all three on Jackygold’s online guide here. The rest of the guide gives us step-by-step instructions, almost like a LEGO tutorial pamphlet.

Starfield has only been properly released for a couple of days, but players have already come up with wildly creative ship designs - or redesigns. Just yesterday, we found that a locomotive enthusiast had made a ship based on childhood icon Thomas The Tank Engine. Before that, adoring Bethesda fans were hammering away to construct their favourite spacecraft from Halo and Star Wars. The Millennium Falcon had - as expected - been recreated within the first few hours of release.

For those starting out, take a look at our Starfield ship customisation guide. The Star Destroyer is a massive undertaking, after all.