Starfield player saves their family from a fire after playing the game all night


A Starfield player was allegedly able to save themselves and their family from a terrifying apartment fire because they had stayed up all night playing the game.

As reported by our sister site PC Gamer, posting on the game's subreddit the fan details the sequence of terrifying events in a post entitled 'Starfield saved me and my family's life'. User tidyckilla begins the post by saying the game "literally" saved the lives of those in his home, and goes on to describe the events in great detail. They begin by saying: "On the night of August 31 I decided to stay up and play as long as possible to experience this new universe. At 2:26 in the morning, while playing the game, I heard an explosion from my downstairs neighbors apartment. I paused my game to see what was happen; when [sic] I opened the door I saw flames rising up our stairwell to our apartment."

Tidyckilla goes on to say: "I immediately got my wife and cat, rushing us to safety with only minor burns. If I hadn’t been up bingeing Starfield I would have been asleep and we would have all died to smoke inhalation. I want to thank this game from saving my family and me from a horrible fate."

As for what caused the fire, tidyckilla believes it was probably a neighbor below who had an accident with cigarettes and an oxygen tank that caused the explosions they heard and caused the rapid spread of the fire in the building.

Carrying on the discussion in the replies, tidyckilla has told everyone that, while it was a close call, they are safely in a hotel with their family - and with their Xbox. They are currently still playing - and are likely to be very, very fond indeed of Starfield henceforth. But this proves it, folks, playing games saves lives, and enjoying them late at night can be most fortuitous.

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