Starfield player pulls off the biggest heist in the galaxy without touching a single credstik

 Starfield people in neon city
Starfield people in neon city

A Starfield player has managed to pull off the biggest heist in the galaxy by stealing countless credstiks without touching a single one.

Twitter user @shinobi602 has shared @wolfymofu's Starfield footage with the caption: "Genius" - and honestly, it really is genius. In the footage below, we see the player in question using what looks like a washing basket and some kind of tin container to steal countless credstiks that just so happen to be scattered across the table during a card game.

Now, the player could easily walk up to the table and pick up the credits individually, but we're going to guess that the people that the credits belong to would be pretty mad about the player stealing their winnings from right underneath them. The way to get around this is to not touch the credits at all and to do that, you're going to need something to transport the items and something to "encourage" them into the basket.

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As you can see, this player uses the tin container to sweep the credstiks off each of the tables so that they just so happen to fall into the basket. After doing this a few times over, the player then transports the basket full of their stolen loot to a safe space where the NPCs can't detect them as they individually pick up each of the credstiks. Since this worked with credits, does it mean you'll be able to use the same technique to collect more lucrative items? There's only one way to find out.

Starfield fans were quick to praise the cheeky maneuver, calling it the "classic Bethesda experience" and comparing the move to the kinds of tricks found in Skyrim and Fallout. Others, however, have pointed out that they were able to just pick up all of the credits on the table without being spotted so the basket is unnecessary - we'll let you try this one out for yourself to see which method is the easiest to get away with.

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