Starfield mods already let you cheat, change the FOV, and murder every NPC

 Starfield screenshots
Starfield screenshots

It's been less than 24 hours since Starfield Early Access began, and mods are already here with some basic quality of life tweaks and a whole lot of ways to cheat.

One of the biggest criticisms of Starfield from PC players right now is the game's lack of an FOV slider. There's no mod to make in-game adjustments just yet, but it turns out that a simple .ini file can let you set the field of view to whatever you please. You can do it yourself if you want, but there are already a pile of mods that make it even simpler, the most popular of which is simply titled Starfield FOV.

If you want the most essential PC mod of all, though, there's already one that skips the opening logo videos so you can get to the game faster. You can also disable the in-game message of the day if you want a clean main menu. Heck, there's even a mod that does both at once. If you prefer more of a meme flavor, you can also replace the opening logos with Todd Howard's face.

Then there's the most inevitable Bethesda mod of all: the option to let you kill NPCs that are marked as 'essential.' Killable essential NPCs and kill essential npc will both get the job done. Sure, you might break some story quests, but there's no better measure of your freedom than the ability to murder everyone around you, is there?

There are also a whole lot of ways to cheat. All The Materials will give you piles of crafting mats, while All Weapons Ammo Space Suits And Skills will give you… well, you can probably guess. There's also Lazy Cheats, which gives you the option of getting a boost of credits, XP, or digipicks whenever you need them. All these cheat mods work through the in-game console, which also disables achievements, so be aware if you care about those Steam awards.

There's also a Starfield DLSS mod for improved performance on Nvidia hardware.