Skyrim infinite money glitch rears its head once again in Starfield

 Starfield trailer Saturn vista
Starfield trailer Saturn vista

A Starfield money glitch using an exploit that existed in Skyrim is also possible in Starfield.

In Skyrim - and every other Bethesda Game Studios game, for that matter - there are chests hidden throughout the world that store the items sold by vendors. If you manage to reach them, you can pocket the contents, giving you limitless supplies of items and cash. Fortunately, the studio's mammoth new space-based RPG is no different.

In a video posted on YouTube, user vNivara has revealed how you can make money worries a thing of the past in Starfield by using the money glitch to steal credits and stock from vendors' secret supply chests. Pulling this off requires a fair bit of creative traversal, so you're going to need two things straight off the bat. The first is a Power Boost Pack to allow you to glide through the air for a short time. You'll also require the Boost Pack Training skill to be Rank 2 so your boost pack uses less fuel.

With those in hand, you'll want to travel to the Commercial District on Jemison, where, once you spawn, you'll need to head right and cross a nearby dam. It's a fairly lengthy route, and you'll have to clamber over rocks, squeeze through some tight spaces, and do a bit of swimming.

If you follow vNivara's instructions exactly, you'll eventually make it back to the main area where the vendors are, but now you're underneath the map.

From here, you can access the vendor's chests and their stock, as well as any credits they have. For instance, the Terrabrew vendor chest has 1,500 credits and all the 'free' coffee you could want. As vNivara points out, you can access Jemison Mercantile's wares from here, too, but it's considered stealing, so you might want to leave that one alone.

A little further from here is where you'll find the Ship Services chest containing a cool 72,000 credits. vNivara doesn't specify how long it takes for this to refill, but according to users in the comments, it's 48 in-game hours. You do have to return to the main area and navigate your way back there every single time, though, but it's definitely faster than gathering funds the honest way.

Following a brief early access period, Starfield finally officially launches tomorrow, September 6. Check out our Starfield release times guide to see when you can play Starfield on PC, Xbox Series X, and Game Pass where you are.