This Starfield gun mod is so bad it might as well not exist


We've found it: the very worst, nay, pointless, mod in all of Starfield mods.

You know how Starfield weapons have magazines, dictating how much ammunition is stored in a clip before you have to reload? It turns out there's a weapon mod in Starfield that doubles your weapon's magazine capacity. The trouble is, this mod has been equipped to a knife, a weapon that famously doesn't use ammo.

If the reload times of a knife ever got you down, this is the mod for you. Somewhat painfully, this mod would be ace with basically any other weapon in Starfield, but it's been slapped on a knife as though the entire thing somehow makes sense. Well, there's a reason it's an 'Epic' melee weapon, after all.

Now all this knife needs is a barrel mod, a suppressor, and potentially a decent scope, and it'll be ready to wreck just about anything Starfield has to offer. In fact, one Reddit user has even mocked up what this could look like. That's a good way to put your image editing abilities to use.

"I guess Destiny had it right… You need ammo for swords," writes one Reddit user underneath the original post. Technically speaking, Halo also uses ammo for its energy swords. Hey, maybe both these Bungie-developed franchises were onto something.

What's likely happened here is that Starfield randomizes which attachments and mods are assigned to weapons, which is how we've ended up with a knife with a magazine mod. When you're assigning a vast quantity of assets to an even bigger quantity of weapons at random, this thing is going to happen eventually.

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