Starfield Is Getting A Dune Buggy, Teases Bethesda

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Screenshot: Bethesda / Kotaku

Good news for Starfieldplayers who have wanted a faster and better way to travel across the game’s hundreds of planets: Bethesda is planning to add a drivable dune buggy to its massive open-world sci-fi RPG.

On May 1, Bethesda announced its next big update for Starfield. This new patch—which is out now on PC via the game’s Steam beta branch—adds a lot of features that players have wanted since launch, including a 60FPS option on Xbox and improved maps while exploring planets. However, while the update is big and seems really good, it doesn’t add any land vehicles to the RPG—something fans have wanted since before the game launched. But Bethesda teased in a video about the new update that, sometime in the future, you’ll be able to drive a dune buggy across Starfield’s various planets.

In a video posted by Bethesda going over the key highlights of the new Starfield update, we are briefly given a glimpse of a still-in-development dune buggy-like vehicle cruising around a desert planet.

“So, the team is working on [Starfield’s] first land vehicle, so you can drive around on planets,” explained Tim Lamb, the lead creative producer on Starfield.

And...that’s it! No other concrete details are shared about this buggy. We don’t know when it will be added, how it will work, or if players will be able to upgrade it or mod it. Still, this seems like a bit of a 180 by Bethesda after game director Todd Howard told Bloomberg last year that they’ddecided to not include land vehicles because they changed the game too much.

“Once you land in your ship, [and now] you’re on foot, it lets us really, for the players, make it an experience where we know how fast they’re seeing things,” said Howard.

Seems Bethesda and Howard have changed their minds and realized that, yeah, walking around every planet or using the game’s slow jetpack isn’t a great option. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long for land vehicles to arrive in Starfield.


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