Starfield is getting a Cyberpunk 2077 makeover thanks to this modder

 Man in a spacesuit looking at fire
Man in a spacesuit looking at fire

Starfield has exploded onto the scene with some impressive player numbers and now a flourishing modding scene.

Starfield has been out for almost no time at all and it already has modders scrambling to rework the Space adventuring RPG. There's Thomas the Tank Engine mods, which place a nightmarish Thomas right into the adventure as well as a mod to unblock achievements that were previously blocked by mods (not confusing at all).

Now players will be happy to hear that the creative modder behind some brilliant Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 texture mods is gearing up to take on Starfield and showcase it in a new light.

Modder 'Halk Hogan' who is working on a Phantom Liberty HD rework update mod, has announced their intentions to start on a Starfield HD Reworked Project. In a YouTube video on the subject Halk Hogan showed off a range of texture improvements.

“Due to the often visible low-resolution textures, I decided to create a new HD Reworked Project for Starfield, to improve the visual experience of the game,” Halk Hogan says.

“Of course, as usual, the project focuses on achieving the highest quality of textures (and perhaps models in the future), while maintaining good performance and reasonable use of video memory. The modification is currently in an early stage of work, although the first version will be released soon.”

To the untrained eye, these updates may not look like much, however, there's a notable improvement to the textures already. Even the slightest change makes a world of difference when you put it all together.

You can now support the project on Nexusmods as you wait for Halk Hogan to add the finishing touches to this exciting mod.

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