Starfield engineer spends 100 hours on an impressive factory to show off the outpost builder's potential


The sky is far from the limit in Starfield as you can while away hundreds of hours exploring the RPG's vast array of planets and systems. Or you can ignore all that and sink that time into designing and constructing a massive outpost instead, which is just what Starfield player Hackoox did and judging by the outcome, it was certainly time well spent.

Over on the Starfield subreddit, the player posted several images of an enormous and equally impressive factory they've created to showcase the potential of the outpost builder, a feature that's been met with a lukewarm reception, some players finding it overly complex, others seeing it as largely pointless. "For all of you hating on outposts, this is what 100+ hours and dedication gets you," Hackoox said.

As the pictures show, everything from trolleys to storage containers is so meticulously placed it looks just like the real thing. Given that it's pretty difficult to find a flat surface to build on, Starfield players were keen to know how Hackoox managed to create the foundation for their sizable creation. The player explained in the comments that this was achieved by painstackingly laying over 3,000 floor mats on top of each other.

Another question fans had was whether any mods were used to build this masterpiece. Hackoox replied that it was all done in the vanilla version, and the only mod used was one which lifted the build limit, doing away with the restriction on the number of structures and objects they could place.

Amazingly, after over 100 hours, Hackoox doesn't consider their factory complete. It's still a "work in progress", the player said. We're not sure what else they could possibly be planning, but we're very much looking forward to seeing the finished result.

If you've found yourself inspired by this creation and keen to attempt something similar, Hackoox has helpfully laid out all their "secrets" in a YouTube video, which you can check out below.

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