A Starfield DLSS mod is already here to boost your performance

 Starfield review
Starfield review

A Starfield DLSS mod is out already, less than 24 hours after Bethesda's game launched into early access.

The 'Starfield Upscaler - Replacing FSR2 With DLSS or XeSS' mod arrived earlier today, and can be downloaded over on NexusMods. One of the first mods for Bethesda's new RPG, it replaces the current FSR2/XeSS upscaler feature with Nvidia's DLSS system.

However, the performance gain with the new mod largely depends on which GPU you're rocking in your rig. If you don't see a significant performance increase when playing Starfield with this mod, it could be that either your GPU or CPU needs a bit of an upgrade, unfortunately.

The whole situation surrounding Starfield and DLSS technology has been rolling on for months now. In June, Bethesda announced AMD would be Starfield's "exclusive PC partner," which some took to mean AMD would block Nvidia's DLSS tech from coming to the new game. AMD denied this however, and revealed Nvidia would get its full support if they chose to implement DLSS into Starfield.

Then, back in August, one experienced modder stepped up to the plate, claiming they'd be implementing DLSS in Starfield after launch. Considering this modder previously brought DLSS to Fallout 4, there was a lot of hope for the tech, but the modder revealed that only those who subscriber to their Patreon would be able to get the hotly anticipated mod.

This new mod seems to have beaten the veteran Bethesda DLSS modder to the punch, somehow. There could well be a battle of the modders from here on, as the veteran modder clearly has a vested interest to put out a great DLSS mod and secure Patrons for themselves.

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