Starfield becomes Dishonored as literal space ninja uses every stealth trick in the book to carve their way through Spacers

 Starfield Powers
Starfield Powers

A Starfield player pushing the game to its limit has shown off what the RPG looks like when you really start to play with the Starfield stealth and powers systems.

In a recent Tiktok, user BenWinters starts by busting open a door, turning invisible, and then lobbing a mine at a nearby spacer. While the explosive arms, they swing for the enemy at the other end of the room, dropping them with a couple of headshots, before using their Starfield powers to push the mine and the Spacer together, triggering the detonation.

Not one to bask in their success for more than a moment, however, they're off and running, detecting the outlines of other nearby enemies and dropping three in quick succession with a  combination of silenced pistol shots and deadly katana swings. More foes fall before Winters starts playing with their food, tapping their final enemy on the shoulder before blasting them to the floor and filling their helmet with lead.

In a second clip, they're taking enemies out while parkouring all over an outpost, shooting and slicing their way through their foes at terrifying speed. It's enough to draw plenty of comparisons to a very different game - Dishonored.

Arkane's immersive sim series makes plenty of use of powers and parkour to let expert players carve their way through entire levels like a ghostly assassin. For most people, Starfield is not that game, but it's not hard to see why players are finding the comparison pretty easy to draw - multiple comments on Tiktok reference Dishonored, though some are simply surprised to find evidence of those powers.

On Reddit, players are explaining just how all these tools come together. As well as those powers, it's clear they're making use of the Starfield stealth skill's affinity for silenced pistols, as well as Chameleon, an ability available as part of some armor sets and at rank three of the concealment skill, that lets you turn invisible. Add to that the likely consumption of several power-boosting consumables to let them re-cast their abilities extremely quickly, and it's clear that BenWinters has really perfected their Starfield build.

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