Starbucks Has New Color-Changing Cups for All the Iced Coffee Drinkers

Photo credit: Instagram @supremesparkle
Photo credit: Instagram @supremesparkle

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Around this time last year, Starbucks unveiled color-changing cold cups that sent iced coffee drinkers into overload. The coffee retailer has brought them back in five new colors … that change in another five new colors.

When the cups are filled with cold liquid, the travel cup begins to change colors and creates a ombré effect. This isn’t a subtle change either. There’s a stark difference between the hues, so they’re super eye-catching and make sipping that iced caramel macchiato even better.

You won’t have to decide which color to get, because the Starbucks color-changing cups are only available in a set of five. Here are the color changes:

  • Tomato turns to aubergine

  • Peach turns to hot pink

  • Marigold turns to tangerine

  • Sea turns to ocean

  • Cobalt turns to deep purple

Last year’s colors were in the pastel family, but this year’s are bolder with jewel tones. Each set comes with the cups, as well as matching lids and straws. It looks like we know what cups we’ll be sipping from all summer!

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