Starbucks Barista Keeps Her Cool in Face of Trump Supporter's Anti-Mask Rant

A Starbucks employee kept her cool as a customer launched an anti-mask, anti-Black Lives Matter tirade at a store in Santee, California, on October 18.

Alex Beckom, a 19-year-old Starbucks employee, shared footage of the encounter in a Facebook post.

“I asked [the customer] to keep her mask on and she actually did comply then took it back off and this happened,” she said.

The video was originally posted on Twitter by John David Glaude.

“I won’t listen to you when you talk to me like that,” a woman with her mask lowered says in the video. “You’re discriminating against me because I’m a Trump supporter. F*** Black Lives Matter.”

She goes on to say: “It’s a hoax, I don’t have to wear a mask, I’m not going to wear a mask. This is America and I don’t have to do what you say. Trump 2020.” Credit: John David Glaude via Storyful