Star Wars: KOTOR remake publisher has an exasperated "no comment" about it

 KOTOR PS5 remake
KOTOR PS5 remake

The Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake publisher dodged a question on its development status in the most classic way possible.

Earlier today on May 24 saw publisher Embracer hold an investor briefing, where company CEO Lars Wingefors fielded questions. One question, as regaled by Axios reporter Stephen Totilo just below, inquired about the status of the KOTOR remake, to which Wingefors simply said "no further comments."

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If this is frustrating for you KOTOR fans out there, wait until what comes next. Wingefors was actually going to say more about the project, but the interviewer spoke out over him, cutting him off entirely. Let this be a lesson to interviewers out there to let interviewees fill a silence, which admittedly isn't always easy, but would've paid off in this instance.

If you want to watch the rest of the investor briefing from Wingefors, as the Embracer CEO struggles through questions about why a $2 billion deal for the publisher ultimately fell through, check out the extensive video just below.

The question about the KOTOR remake's status comes off the back of a report last year that claimed it wasn't faring well. A report claimed that after a bad internal demo, the remake was taken off Aspyr Media and handed to Saber Interactive to head up instead, and was delayed indefinitely with immediate effect.

Nearly a year later, Embracer has never clarified the situation surrounding the KOTOR remake, and fans are basically left in the dark. The KOTOR remake was announced back in 2021, and with zero information on the game following then, it's easy to see why fans are getting a little restless and puzzled.

There are those out there that'll be desperately hoping the KOTOR remake appears at any of the many summer showcases over the next few weeks. We've got the PlayStation Showcase for May 2023 taking place later today on May 24, and considering the remake is a PS5 console exclusive, it's not out of the question that it could pop up here.

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