Star Wars Jedi: Survivor runs smoother than ever on PC after "major breakthrough" with modder's DLSS fix

 Star Wars Jedi: Survivor screenshot captured on PS5 which has Cal Kestis in conversation with Merrin
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor screenshot captured on PS5 which has Cal Kestis in conversation with Merrin

Some Star Wars Jedi Survivor players with 40-series rigs are enjoying dramatically improved PC performance with a new DLSS Frame Generation mod.

The modder responsible, who goes by PureDark on Patreon, says a "major breakthrough" helped the mod generate "perfectly clear fake frames instead of blurry ones," in some cases doubling the frame rate that was previously possible. In their own video, the modder demonstrates a frame rate boost from 45 to 90, while a corroborating account from YouTuber RX 580 shows a consistent 120 FPS with an RTX 4070.

It goes without saying that this gem of a mod is an oasis of frames in a dry desert for a select few PC gamers, but it's not without a few significant caveats. For one, as we've already touched on, right now it's only applicable to 40-series graphics cards, as they're the only ones that currently support DLSS 3's Frame Generation tech, which is what this mod is mimicking. It also requires AMD's FSR2 to be toggled on and your HDR to be turned off. PureDark says fixes for these issues are incoming.

"I am gonna work on HDR compatibility and find a way to allow for turning off FSR2 so that you can play with only DLSS FG on to get much better image quality than with FSR2 on. Ultimately I will find a way to either replace the built-in FSR2 with DLSS2 or implement a separate DLSS2."

Finally, some noticeable visual artifacts hold this back from being a perfect solution, even for the already limited demographic of folks with 40-series GPUs. If anything, it's evidence that DLSS 3 support would significantly improve Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's PC performance if it were to be implemented.

For now, if you are playing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on a 40-series equipped PC and you aren't getting the frames you want, it might be worth trying out PureDark's mod. It's paywalled behind the modder's $5/month Patreon tier, but that will also get you access to a ton of similar mods for games including Elden Ring and Skyrim.

These Star Wars Jedi: Survivor tips won't boost your FPS, but they will help you liberate the galaxy, and that's pretty important too.