Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Is More Fun If You Leave Koboh ASAP

A image shows a man looking at a alien planet's vista while wondering how long he has been there.
A image shows a man looking at a alien planet's vista while wondering how long he has been there.

After the bombastic intro on Corcuscant, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor drops you off on Koboh, a large desert-like planet filled with sidequests, collectibles, and even a fully upgradable saloon, complete with a rooftop garden, a toilet, and a large fish tank. It’s easy to spend hours and hours on this planet, poking at its every nook and cranny. But don’t do that! Instead, explore the rest of the galaxy, too.

Released late last month, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the follow-up to Respawn and EA’s hit action-adventure game from 2019, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. And as in that game, you play as Cal Kestis, a young Jedi who survived the purge and who is on the run from the Empire alongside his ragtag group of friends. This time around Cal has more to do and see, as Survivor is much bigger than Fallen Order. However, you might not realize that if you get stuck exploring every inch of Koboh.

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Look, I get it. In fact, I’m writing this because I fell into the same trap as I expect many other players have (or will). Koboh is the first time the game truly opens up, letting you explore as slowly as you want. And a lot of Koboh is open to the player right from the get-go. So it doesn’t surprise me that I ended up spending many hours there. I’m the kind of player who likes to wring a location clean of any sidequests, collectibles, and missions before departing. This led to me spending many hours exploring Koboh and all it has to offer. Which is a lot.

However, I eventually felt a sense of fatigue setting in. It was at this point I realized that I’d “got stuck In The Hinterlands,” aka I spent far too long in a big opening zone and forgot to, you know, explore the rest of the game. A similar problem happened to many players in Dragon Age Inquisition’s opening area, The Hinterlands, and for some, it ruined the game. This actually happened to me! That’s why, after far too long, I realized that I was doing this all over again in Respawn’s latest Star Wars adventure. And I immediately forced myself to vacate the planet as a result.

Finally leaving Koboh in Jedi: Survivor

When I eventually did leave, after hours spent Kobohing, I ended up on Jedha, which is yet another desert-like planet. Because I had spent so much time in Koboh, that made Jedha less interesting to visit.

Now, I’m a few hours past all of this and I’ve seen more of what Jedi: Survivor’s galaxy has to offer, and I’m happy to report that the rest of the game is just as good or better than Koboh. So take a break from collecting every single shiny object dotted around that initial hub world and see the rest of the universe. And save yourself from a possible case of “Desert Planet Fatigue.”

I know it’s hard for some of you, like myself, to ditch a place when it still has places to visit and things to collect. But trust me, you come back to Koboh plenty of times. And you should! Returning to Koboh to see how the saloon has changed, plant some new seeds, and explore new areas you can access via freshly unlocked abilities is a big part of Survivor’s gameplay loop. Just don’t get stuck there trying to check off everything on the planet’s immense list of things to do and see. There’ll be time. You’ll be back.

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