Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has a heartfelt detail that players will never get to see on-screen

 Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has several sweet moments between Kata and Bode that we'll never see.

As revealed by Noshir Dalal, a mo-cap actor on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, there's several moments between his character, Bode Akuna, and his daughter Kata that we'll never see as they take place just off-screen. Thankfully, Dalal has revealed some of these moments on Twitter, and it's made the pair's relationship even more heartwarming.

"In the scene where Cal meets Kata, she asks Bode, 'Papa, what’s going on?'", Dalal's first tweet in the thread reads. "If you watch Bode’s right hand, it sort of fidgets as [he] moves to comfort her," the actor continues, before sharing more behind-the-scenes trivia. Talking about fellow Jedi Survivor actor, Tajinae Turner, who plays Kata, Dalal adds: "Before we ran the scene, @TajinaeTurner sat and talked about their life on the run."

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The Bode actor continues: "I felt that one of the hard truths Bode had to teach Kata is that adults lie and that she was going to see her father lie a lot." Dalal then reveals that in the scene mentioned above, Bode often communicates with Kata without saying anything, through the use of hand signs and subtle signals.

"It’s hidden from camera, but later when Bode kneels down to help Kata with her pack, he traces an arrow on her thigh, to let her know they’re about to move for the door," the thread continues, "They check in… and Bode launches the table."

Speaking again about Kata's mo-cap performer, Dalal adds: "We didn’t have much time to work together, and we don’t share a lot of dialogue, but it was super important to both of us that there be a connection that goes beyond words for the two of them."

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