Star Wars Jedi: Survivor fans can't get over how nice this specific helmet looks in the sequel

 Star Wars
Star Wars

Ahead of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's release date tomorrow, fans have begun fawning over a specific helmet in the sequel.

As demonstrated in the Reddit post below, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor fans have nothing but praise for the Scout Trooper helmet in the game - specifically how much its improved in the four short years between Survivor and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. In the post, one user shared a screenshot of the helmet in Survivor side-by-side with the same type of helmet in Fallen Order, and the differences are immediately obvious.

Not only are the two helmets completely different colors (with Survivor's looking more true to life), but the newer version has a lot more detailing on it. As one fan pointed out in the comments of the post: "You can even see the scratches on the helmet. Wow." Further down in the thread, another fan wrote: "Genuinely thought the right one was a cosplay." A different fan had a similar sentiment adding: "Games are getting more lifelike by the hour."

There's also been a lot of comparison to the same helmet in Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefront 2, with some fans questioning whether it actually is the same asset as it's just so similar. Other fans, however, believe that the two are different, even going as far as saying that the Star Wars Battlefront 2 helmet "looks better," despite releasing six years prior to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Scout Troopers aside, we're close to getting our hands on the Star Wars sequel, which is set to release on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC tomorrow (April 28). Some fans are even closer than the rest of us as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor broke its street date earlier this week, prompting developer Respawn to ask those fans to not spoil the game for others.

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