‘Star Wars': Every Celebrity Who’s Secretly Made a Stormtrooper Cameo (Photos)

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‘Star Wars': Every Celebrity Who’s Secretly Made a Stormtrooper Cameo (Photos)

Working for Darth Vader’s Empire or Kylo Ren’s First Order may not be the best job in the “Star Wars” universe, but it’s certainly a position that many have coveted over the years. In fact, being a stormtrooper has become an easy way to sneak in some major celebrity cameos.

Stormtroopers have had some pretty famous people under the helmets over the years, from beloved actors, to pop stars, to literal royalty. Not all of them made the final cut, but if you search hard enough, you might find some deleted scenes starring your favorites.

Granted, those cameos are pretty hard to spot. Given the nature of stormtroopers, you mostly just have to have extra keen ears and pick out famous voices, rather than famous faces. And that’s if they even get to speak. Of course, it gets a bit hard to remember and keep track of them all, so we went ahead and did it for you.

Here is every celebrity that’s made a “Star Wars” cameo — or at least attempted to — as a stormtrooper.

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