Star Destroyers in Starfield are cool and all, but Star Wars fans recreating their less-obvious faves is far more exciting

 A recreation of the Ebon Hawk from Knights of the Old Republic in Starfield's ship editor.
A recreation of the Ebon Hawk from Knights of the Old Republic in Starfield's ship editor.

I like a good Star Destroyer or X-Wing as much as the next guy, and while there've been great renditions of them in Starfield's ship builder—some which we've highlighted already—I'm endlessly curious about which obscure rust buckets people love enough to recreate.

After all, Star Wars is basically famous for this sort of random investment. There's an entire meme about "Glup Shitto", a completely fake character spawned to poke fun at fans' tendency to go wild over obscure background cameos. It's a side effect of a massive universe, both core and extended (canon be damned). Each of the ships I'm about to share with you has taught me something new about a galaxy far, far away.

Did you know Darth Maul's ship has a name? It's called the Scimitar, and it's been rendered here by Reddit user aasteranian. Otherwise known as the Sith Infiltrator, this thing served the Sith who gave us the double-bladed lightsaber. Show due deference.

The Razor Crest, recreated by AlanaSP, is a bounty hunter's vessel of choice, and should look familiar to any who've watched The Mandolorian. Bethesda hasn't answered my many and repeat emails as to where I can find Baby Yoda in Starfield—and my friends keep telling me some nonsense about Starfield and Star Wars being separate universes, but someone has to try, damnit.

The Knights of the Old Republic remake, which is totally probably happening maybe—is far away. Until that bright future finally comes, user Scary_Xenomorph has done a bang-up job recreating the Ebon Hawk.

DaMightyMilkMan's all-time favourite ship doesn't even belong to a named character. It's the Consular-Class Cruiser, a ship built to ferry Jedi and diplomats across the galaxy. Given the amount of interstellar destruction you wreck over the course of a Starfield playthrough, I'm not sure that diplomat fantasy will play out—though that's somewhat fitting, since these things were eventually fitted with turbolaser cannons and used as military ships. War corrupts all.

Tragically, despite there being calls for it, I can't seem to find a build for the Moldy Crow yet. When I expressed my surprise at this rustbucket's existence, PC Gamer's Robin Valentine responded with: "Kids today, they haven't even played Dark Forces", which is a dent to my nerd cred.

I've long been infected with a fascination for the extended universe after playing Star Wars: The Old Republic a ton when it first came out, and I'm personally happy to be picking up more info for my own mental shipyard. Now I can tell all my friends that the Consular-Class Cruisers could seat up to 16 passengers. I'll be the life of the party.