Stags Chase Doe Around River in Green Bay Suburb

Wisconsinites on a nature trail near Green Bay were surprised to see two bucks leaping past in pursuit of a doe on Saturday, November 14, even chasing the female animal into the water at one point.

Footage captured in the suburb of Allouez by Brenda L Orde shows the three deer bounding along the banks of the Fox River.

As the two stags leave the water they continue looking for the female. Once the doe is spotted they continue to follow her along the banks of the Fox River.

Orde told local reporters that she, Julie Dake, and Rich Orde witnessed the “two whitetail bucks” competing for a doe. “What a sight,” Brenda Orde said.

Whitetail deer mating season, known as “the rut,” generally occurs between September to November annually. Fawns are then usually born in the spring. Credit: Brenda L. Orde via Storyful