St Louis Residents Wait in Long Line for COVID-19 Tests

People lined up outside a COVID-19 testing site in St Louis, Missouri, ahead of its opening time on November 12, Twitter user @ryanclancy29 said.

This footage was shared by @ryanclancy29 and shows a long line of people waiting outside a Total Access Urgent Care location. Some people are sitting in portable chairs.

The uploader tweeted, “Can’t get a test in the state of MO unless you tailgate the Urgent Care. Every available slot is booked for next 3-4 days. This was the line around 7am for an Urgent Care that opens at 8am. All slots for the day were taken by 8:30am.”

The state of Missouri reported 4,603 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, and was averaging nine deaths per day from COVID-19 as of November 12, according to the state’s public health website. Credit: @ryanclancy29 via Storyful