Sri Lankans queue to tour president’s house

STORY: On Saturday (July 09), the protesters had taken the step as demonstrations over their leaders' inability to overcome a devastating economic crisis erupted into violence.

Leaders of the protest movement have said crowds will occupy the residences of the president and prime minister in Colombo until they finally quit office. Over the weekend at the president's house, protesters jumped into the swimming pool, lounged on a four-poster bed and jostled for turns on a treadmill.

"A lot of my people have been suffering for so many days and all along our so called President Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa had been living a luxurious life. So, he had all the facilities necessary for a common man in our country, while the rest of us were suffering," said a Sri Lankan resident, Madhavi.

Security was heightened at prime minister's residence to prevent any untoward incidents after the building was set on fire by protesters.

Sri Lanka's parliament will elect a new president on July 20, its speaker said on Monday (July 11).

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