Squirrels Lie Low and Snack on Watermelon to Stay Cool During India Heatwave

Squirrels sprawled on the ground and snacked on watermelon in Rajasthan to stay cool during a severe heatwave that saw temperatures of up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 Celsius) in India on April 28.

The World Meteorological Organization said the heat was “affecting health of millions of people, animals and crops” in India and Pakistan.

The India Meteorological Department forecast that heatwave conditions would continue across the eastern, central, and northern parts of the country through May 3.

This video showing the squirrels was taken by Pavan Nayak on the BITS Pilani campus in Pilani, which recorded maximum temperatures of 44.8 degrees Celsius (112.64 degrees Fahrenheit). Credit: Pavan Nayak via Storyful

Video transcript

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