Squirrel and Statue Become 'Rainy Day Friends'

A resident of Hillsboro, Texas, who has become close with the neighborhood squirrels, captured heart-warming footage of one of them cozying up to a squirrel statue in her garden.

Footage by Karen Doskocil shows the squirrel standing near its new “friend” on a rainy day.

“Our neighborhood squirrels have become our pets and visit every day,” Doskocil told Storyful, adding “our favorite little friends are Nellie and Nip.”

“Poor little Nellie came to visit and our concrete squirrel was the only thing outside to greet her,” she said. “We saw her and as soon as we took this video, we fed her.”

“I think I captured her tender heart in this video,” Doskocil added. Credit: Karen Doskocil via Storyful

Video transcript


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