Squirrel 'Reads' Tiny Book in Pennsylvania Yard

Catching up on reading lists during quarantine is not only a human activity, it would appear – squirrels are also passing the time with a book in hand, a video captured by a whimsical Pittsburgh art student shows.

The video, which appears to show a squirrel engrossed in a tiny book, is part of an elaborate project by Lumi Barron, a self-proclaimed squirrel enthusiast and a student at the Carnegie Mellon University School of Art.

Since beginning the project in February, she has been staging clips of the furry critters seeming to participate in human activities such as reading, drinking tea, and baking.

Barron told Storyful the slow-motion video was taken of a wild squirrel interacting with built sets in her Pennsylvania backyard.

“The squirrels are bribed to come visit with snacks, and the ‘human’ activities they perform mirror how I have been spending my time these past months,” Barron said. “Spot (named after the little spot on her nose) takes a minute to read a book held together with a little bit of peanut butter.” Credit: Lumi Barron via Storyful