Sputnik vaccine is 92% effective: Russia

Russia says that its coronavirus vaccine, called Sputnik, appears to be 92% effective at protecting people from the disease, according to interim trial results.

The Sputnik vaccine figures are only the second to be published from a late-stage human trial, coming hot on the heels of American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer earlier this week and its own promising figure of 90% effectiveness.

The Sputnik research comes from the first 16,000 trial participants to receive both shots of the two-dose vaccine.

Analysis was conducted after 20 participants in the trial developed COVID-19 and then examined how many had received the vaccine versus a placebo.

However, outside experts said knowledge about the trial's design and protocol was sparse, making it difficult to interpret the figures

The Russian Direct Investment Fund are the main backers of the Sputnik vaccine remained positive and say it was the sort of news its developers would talk about one day with their grandchildren.

The Russian trial announced it would continue for six more months and data from the study will also be published in a leading international medical journal following a peer review.