Pandelela gets marriage proposal on Question Time

When a question popped up from a fan asking if she's still single, Pandelela Rinong blushed, and answered: "Yes and no ;)"

In a Question Time session with the Olympics bronze medalist this morning, the 19-year-old shared with fans her experience in London, her inspiration, her favourite past-time and yes, even her private life.

While most of the questions were focused on her bronze medal feat at the recent Olympics (she hasn't bitten on her medal yet, she's revealed) and her favourite pastime (she likes listening to K-pop, and she's a huge fan of Big Bang), the nature of the web chat took a quirky turn when readers asked her about her personal life.

A reader asked if she would like to go out on a date with him tonight, while another is willing to bring her to the upcoming Big Bang concert in KL in September and another asking if he could keep her "winning bikini". However, the highlight of the chat came when a reader proposed to her during the webchat!

When a reader who goes by the name of Wangdu asks: "Will you marry me?", a blushing Pandelela cheekily replied: "YES....IN the SIMS. be my neighbour!!"    

Pandelela is on a high after her superb performance in the Olympics turned her into an overnight sensation and the darling of 28 million Malaysians. The Sarawak-born diver gave Malaysia a largely unexpected medal in the 10m springboard event. Pandelela is the fifth personality to appear on Yahoo! Malaysia's hugely popular Question Time chat. Previous personalities to chat with Yahoo! Malaysia users include Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, pop star Siti Nurhaliza, Umno Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin and Bersih leader Ambiga Sreenevasan.

Like all those before her, Pandelela had huge fun chatting with her fans during the session and went beyond the initially allocated one hour for the web chat.

Check out the full Question Time conversation below: