Spotify's new "daylist" playlist is here — what it is and how to get it

 Spotify Daylist
Spotify Daylist

Spotify "daylist" is the music streaming giant's newest playlist feature, designed to further enhance the personalized feel of one of the best music streaming services.

Unlike Spotify's DJ feature, which arrived earlier this year and auto-generates music it thinks you'll like and inserts AI commentary between songs just like radio, daylist builds on learning about your listening habits and the style of music you listen to at particular times of the day. It continuously customizes the playlist of tracks, and changes and evolves as you move through the day.

Allowing users to specify a type of activity, vibe, or aesthetic and get a custom playlist in return, daylist is perhaps best described as a personalized playlist that adapts and selects content based on particular times of the day. As Spotify says "throughout the day, your mood changes, and so does the music you listen to".

The newest Spotify tool arrived earlier today (September 12) and is already available to both free and premium subscribers across the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Spotify says "We’ll continue to evolve the experience and bring it to even more users in the months to come".

I just tried Spotify daylist and I'm impressed

Spotify Daylist
Spotify Daylist

An early tip-off saw me jump on to Spotify to see what all the daylist fuss was about. There I discovered the all-new playlist on my Spotify account home screen so I started streaming the playlist immediately through my Sonos Era 300 speaker, a music system that I regularly use for listening to the best spatial audio tracks in my home office, although it's important to add that Spotify does not officially support spatial audio.

My new favorite music discovery tool on Spotify.

My first daylist playlist featured instrumental movie soundtracks. I'm a sucker for the kind of dynamic energy that comes with listening to a rousing orchestra going full pelt on a Hans Zimmer movie score, and the daylist had the measure of my music and (and movie) tastes.

Some tracks I've undoubtedly listened to at some point or other on the music streaming service, and some are in my Spotify library, but many were entirely new to me. I've no idea as to the accuracy of whether I typically listen to movie scores or this style of music in the mid-afternoon, but every one of the 50 tracks on the playlist hit the spot and miraculously fitted my mood as I write. Spotify clearly knows a thing or two about my listening habits. More than I imagined.

So far it's been a "pure" playlist with back-to-back music tracks and no AI commentary. It feels intelligently personalized and dynamic, and I confess that I'm so impressed that's it's become my new favorite music discovery tool on Spotify.

I listen to all kinds of music genres on several different streaming platforms, but I can't wait to discover what Spotify daylist playlist throws up for me across the rest of the week and at different times of day. Keep checking back for updates on my daylist journey and music discovery.

Spotify daylist: How to get it, save, and share

Spotify Daylist how to share
Spotify Daylist how to share

Spotify users simply search for daylist within the Spotify search tool. Spotify daylist is available to both Free and Premium users at You can also find daylist on mobile in the Made For You hub.

On desktop and web, simply search “daylist” to bring up your playlist. daylist updates multiple times a day, and you can view when your next update will be from the playlist page on mobile.

If you’re loving a specific daylist playlist, save it and make a copy by tapping the three-dot menu, scrolling down to “Add to playlist,” then tapping “New playlist,” and voila. It will be saved in your Library. (A word to the wise: If you don’t save it prior to the next update on your daylist, it’ll be gone with the wind — so don’t delay.)

You can also share your daylist.

Other ways to discover music on Spotify

As the world’s most popular streaming service, Spotify has one of the most sophisticated algorithms that successfully pushes the music you really want to hear.

Spotify has more ways to discover music than any of the best music streaming services we've experienced: From playlist for just about every kind of activity, to tailored content with Discover Weekly, Release Radar, Daily Mix, Your Time Capsule, and the annual round up of your listening habits and most-played tracks via Wrapped, there are plenty of ways to grow your music tastes.

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